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Gain a 360 degree view of your entire operation by a single, integrated solution. Leto multiwarehousing system is integrated with RFID and IoT devices for Climate control .

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Back to back procurement system
have been implemented with right process

List Material/Services

Full-fledged Material management software on cloud


Create and manage different warehouse and project locations

Stock Taking

Count physical stock and compare to system stock reporting


Track the delivery of your material for sales, purchase and transfer

Receipt and Issue

Receive and issue material for different projects or locations

Cloud based

Leto Inventory is cloud based system and initially you go digital without infra costs

Leto cloud inventory benefits in dubai-abudhabi-uae-fujairah-sharajah

Why Leto Inventory Solutions?

Advanced system with Cloud based technologies

Access anywhere anytime basis with controlled access permissions for different locations.

Improved Business Reporting

A single source of truth – one integrated database for all business processes

Business Process Improvements

Automate manual or routine tasks, Implement smarter workflows and Gain efficiency.

Multiple wareshousing

Leto Corporation simplifies your inventory by shipping orders on time, from multiple locations Optimise operations and distribution on time—every time

  • Create unlimited Items and Services
  • Manage multiple warehouse locations with Yards and Bins
  • Integrate climate control on your warehouse with IOT Devices
  • Location Receipt or delivery and transfer done with automated functions
  • Integrate with QR Code and RFID tags for theft control
  • Implement serialized inventory system with location identifiers
  • Manage your supply chain process integrated with warehousing
  • Effective reconciliation process and live stock register
  • Demand management for the distribution

Cloud warehousing system

LLeto Warehousing system gives the advantage of keeping all of your stock operation without any devices on cloud. Letoclouds helps in organizing your multichannel warehousing system in dubai|abudhabi-uae-fujairah-sharajah..

  • Create unlimited multichannel warehouse online
  • Manage multiple virual stores or warehouses or godowns
  • Receive and Issue the materials through out all locations
  • Integrate with hardware devices for tracking
  • Manage Physical counting process by implementing barcode process
  • Devicess wareshouse management with latest cutting edge technology
  • Integrated with CentralX Hub System
  • Implement best warehousing with your distribution system
  • Integrate with your eCommerce system

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Find out more about how we can help your organization to get the best warehousing inventory system with climite control management in dubai|abudhabi-uae-fujairah-sharajah.

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